AGWallace-Kindle-AmazonCatalog-zThe novel is finished. It’s a historical adventure that sweeps across the borders of the Ottoman, Persian, Russian and Hapsburg empires of the 1600’s. You can read parts of it on WattPad.

Set in the time of the Thirty Years War that ravaged Christendom until 1648, it’s also an exploration of the cultures and myths of cities and countries that were subjugated by the great powers of the day.

  • Armenia, nestled under the towering myth of Mount Ararat and fiercely contested by warring Muslims for centuries.
  • Astrakhan, a city ruled by the Tsar but influenced by Turks, Persians, Cossacks and other warlords of the steppes around the Caspian Sea.
  • Stralsund, the German city which became the headquarters of the powerful Swedish army in its fight against the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Schleswig-Holstein, a minor power whose duke sought to establish a new Silk Road from Isfahan to Gottorp, and whose heirs came to include Catherine the Great of Russia.

The avatar above is an illustration of Paul Fleming, a German poet and physician who died in 1640.

I’m writing under the pseudonym of A.G. Wallace. The alias is a tribute to my parents, whose love, confidence and endurance are an equal match for any great couple in any time (although my dad would probably tell my avatar to get a haircut).

This Site

With apologies to everyone for such an awful pun, I have only just begun to blog. This site is using a new premium WordPress theme and I’m experimenting with some of the settings. I’ve also been experimenting with alternative ways of posting content – computer, iPhone, email, RSS feeds, etc. – so please excuse the substandard quality of some images and the general lack of organization.


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